Frugal Finds Fab-ruary Recap & March Makeover

thrifted, suit, vintage, monochromatic look, sustainable fashion, secondhand, preloved

I know, I know. We’re several days into March. I’ve been busy with work and school. School, especially, has been mercilessly kicking my butt. I have to say, though, struggling with my course load is serving as a great distraction from online shopping. LOL

Because of how busy I’ve been with school, I managed to wrap up Frugal Finds Fab-ruary without much difficulty. In case you didn’t have a chance to read the post on my February project, below are the terms I set for myself for the entire month:

  1. Shop within a set clothing budget of $150.
  2. Only purchase preloved/secondhand pieces.
  3. Share the price of each and every item I purchase.
  4. Put whatever funds I have left in the $150 budget into paying my car loan.

Click to see how I did!

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Wardrobe Basics: Black Turtleneck


Black turtleneck: Lands’ End | Jeans: Madewell (Poshmark – similar) | Boots: Louise et Cie (Poshmark – similar) | Jacket: Iro (TheRealReal – similar)

I believe that a fitted black turtleneck deserves a special place in every girl’s closet. It is an essential layering piece.

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