Eileen Fisher Renew

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I own a few Eileen Fisher pieces, and I find the designs simple, beautiful and elegant. They can be a bit pricey though, so I see them as investments. They will last for years since they are so classic and timeless. Just when I thought I couldn’t love the brand more, I fell in love with their stance on sustainable and ethical practices in the fashion industry.


Eileen Fisher pledges to use the most sustainable fibers available. They pledge that all their cotton and linen will be organic by 2020. They will use wool from sheep that are responsibly raised on land that is managed with environment as the top priority. They are striving to “wean [themselves] off rayon.”


Since 2009, Eileen Fisher has been working with their dyehouses for more responsible usage of chemicals, water and energy.


Eileen Fisher is committing to less fabric waste, less water usage, and less carbon emission. They are investing in alternative energy and striving to be “climate positive” by 2020.


Eileen Fisher is striving to work with alternative suppliers and implement better purchasing practices in an effort to improve the livelihoods of their workers in the supply chain.


Eileen Fisher states that their clothes are designed and made to last. They will also take your clothes back when you’re done with them, give each piece a good cleaning, use plant-based dyes (safe for the environment) to bring back rich hues and mend it for its new life. If they’re not in a sellable condition, they will be “reborn as new textiles or refashioned as new clothes.” (Eileen Fisher Renew program – check out here!)

What I provided above are just tidbits of the brand’s vision for ethical and sustainable practices – Vision 2020. You can read more about their vision here.

So, what is the point in sharing all this? Well, as part of Frugal Finds Fab-ruary, I will be shopping only secondhand. I also want to invest in good quality pieces that will last for years. Eileen Fisher’s Renew program fits perfectly into those terms.

With all that said, I’m sharing the pieces I currently have on my “want list”:

  1. Organic linen knit pullover
  2. Silk speckle seed cardigan
  3. Organic cotton stretch twill pant
  4. Viscose jersey skirt
  5. Organic linen dress

Thank you for reading!

26 thoughts on “Eileen Fisher Renew”

  1. I’ve certainly heard of Eileen Fisher before – I think I even have a piece or 2 – but I’ve never heard of the Renew line. That’s great! Thanks for sharing and I love the lemon yellow sweater and the beautiful royal blue skirt!



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